Closet Cosplay Contest

What is Closet Cosplay?

Closet cosplay is for those who wish to cosplay more casual characters that can be assembled from found objects and clothes out of their own closets, the thrift store, etc. What makes it so fun is that it’s simple, easy, and casual. This works out when you want to cosplay but you are low on funds, or time is scarce.

Yes, you’re still cosplaying, just minus all the armor, sewing, and building that you have to do.

What is NOT Closet Cosplay?

Closet Cosplay does not mean buying a pre-made costume or school uniform and adding on some accessories.

Costumes that are purchased from Halloween stores, cosplay companies (websites, eBay, Amazon, etc), or are commissioned are not considered closet cosplays.
Made elements of the costume must be restricted to props and accessories, but garments are allowed to be slightly altered. You may only construct up to 20% of the entire costume.


There will only be a “Walk On” portion category for participants to enter. There is a first, second and third prize available for contestants in this category. Areas the judges will be considering (but not limited to) are creativity, closeness to source and the overall quality of the contestant costume/props.

Cosplayers will have 30 seconds on stage to present their costume. 

Sign-Ups will be 30 minutes prior to the Contest in Main Events.

Live Auctions Starts at in Panel Room 1.


If you would like to purchase art in the art show, you will require a bidder’s number. Please register with the Art Show Staff.

Biddable artwork will begin as silent auctions. Bidding will begin with at the minimum bid set by the artists. Once three bids are places, the piece will go to the live auction on Saturday night.

Quick Sale price can only be used to purchase the piece if there are no bids already.

The Art Show reserves the right to move any piece to live auction if needed.

All art purchases will need to be picked up before 1pm on Sunday. Payment must be made at time of purchase.

Purchases can be via cash or credit.

Saturday 12 AM in Panel Room 2

Saturday 2 PM in Main Events

Friday 7 PM in Main Events

Friday 11 PM in Panel Room 1