Submit a Panel!

I’ve submitted my panel, now what?

To start you’ll have to wait to see whether or not you’ve been accepted as a panelist in this year’s programming line-up.

  • To receive a complimentary panelist badge, you need to be approved via email. Submitting multiple panels does not guarantee that all of them will be approved.We will be issuing DISCOUNT CODES for panelists are approved.
  • A panel group will only receive a maximum of three (3) complimentary badges, if approved.
  • Anime North Texas may change the length of the panel that you request. Please ensure that you check the schedule prior to the event.
  • Please take into consideration when you are planning for your panel at least 5 minutes for set up and 5 minutes to tear down. If you are given a hour panel, please plan for 50 minutes, etc.
  • Panelist’s are not permitted to touch any sound, or video equipment regardless of experience you may have. Any and all damages will be the responsibility of the panelist.

So, you want to be a Panelist?

If you have an idea that for a panel that you’d love to share with yo fellow attendees then by all means we welcome your application. Join us to let your geek flag fly and share your love of the fandom with others!

What can I expect in a panel room?

Panel Rooms will include:

  • Projectors & Screens that can interface to computers via VGA or HDMI for video along with a 3.5/AUX audio connection. We CANNOT guarantee that we will have any other cable formats available.
  • Microphones: There are typically two-to-four microphones available per room depending on the room size. Please speak with the events coordinator if you need to make alternative arrangements.
  • A table at the front of the room for the panelists, as well as chairs.
  • Chairs for the attendees. (if necessary)
  • Panel rooms are NOT equipped with internet access.
  • Panelists are advised to completely prepare their presentations in advance, or have access to internet via tethering because an internet connection will not be provided.

It would be greatly appreciated if every field is filled out as the more information provided in the form greatly helps out the convention staff in being prepared for your event.

Detailed and well-written panel descriptions will get the highest considerations. Please be as thorough as all possible.