Artist Alley Policies

Any, and all information stated here is subject to change at anytime  without warning.


The Artist Alley is a space reserved for artists and craftsmen interested in showcasing and selling their self-created items. Artist Alley is reserved for the sale of the artist’s original creations. The sale or resale of commercial merchandise or other artist’s creations is strictly prohibited.


Artist alley is located in the Exhibit Hall on the 2nd Floor of the Hilton Fort Worth. Each artist alley registration comes with (1) table and (1) badge. There are 18 artist alley spots to be sold on a first come, first serve basis. There is a limit of two (2) spaces per artist for purchase. The artist has the ability to provide their own table or skirt. All artists must be able to fit all items behind and underneath your table. Any artist found to overlap into another artist or space will be asked to adjust their space. Please contact us if you need more space and we will work something out space permitted.


Spaces cost $110.00 (one hundred dollars) each. This includes 1 (one) badge and up to 2 (two) additional badges may be purchased at $40 prior to November 1, 2016. After that date, you can purchase badges at animenorthtexas.com or at the convention registration desk. The registered artist is responsible for the space and any individuals at that table are under the responsibility of the registered artist. This includes if registered artist decides to share their space. No more than 2 people behind their table.


The convention dates are Friday, November 18, 2016 to Sunday, November 20, 2016. Load in date is Thursday November 17, 2016 time to be determined. This is subject to change at any time. Each booth must be fully set-up and ready to start their business by Friday, November 20, 2015 at 11:00 am.


Anime North Texas 2016 November 18-20 will be held at:

Hilton Fort Worth

815 Main Street

Fort Worth, Texas 76102


BOOTH CONFIRMATION Anime North Texas will not accept partial deposits/payments. In order to confirm/reserve a space to Anime North Texas, the entire amount is due with the purchase. Partially completed forms will be returned to the Artist.

Artist must check-in and occupy their assigned booths by Friday, November 20, 2015 at 11:00 am. Check-in desk will be located front of the Exhibit Hall in the hall way. Failure to be ready to conduct business at the appointed date and time will result in an automatic cancellation and forfeit of their deposit/payment and their booth space. Badge pickup location will be at professional registration next to registration.

Artist may cancel within thirty (30) days of the start of the event to receive a full refund minus administrative fees ($15.00). After that, no refunds will be offered.

The artist may only have up to 20 copies of a single piece of art of licenses properties, unless that item is otherwise explicitly disallowed. This is also the standard by which the Artist Alley staff will define “mass production”. The total number of pieces of art of licensed properties sold may not exceed 200.


  • Any work with copyrighted logos, regardless of whether or not the work is original.
  • Mass produced* prints of art depicting licensed characters.
  • Buttons, pins, hats, or t-shirts bearing official character likenesses**. If an artist has, and can produce proof of, explicit permission from the copyright holder to use, then the items will be allowed. This will be determined at the discretion of the Department Head of The Artist Alley, in consultation with all other necessary parties.
  • Recreation of any portion of official licensed art.
  • Unlicensed or counterfeit merchandise of any kind (including but not limited to: videos recorded on blank videotapes with printed labels, homemade DVDs, pirated copies of any titles that have been released commercially in the United States, Japan, or elsewhere, titles taped off the air in Japan, and any fan-subs).
  • Any posters, idol cards, etc., which have logos of unauthorized companies ( “Kodak” “Fuji”, etc. on the back).
  • Unlicensed reproductions of any products released by an American company.
  • Food, snacks or beverages.
  • 2nd and 3rd party sales are not allowed.
  • Props that are a replication of a copyrighted and/or licensed nature must be preapproved by Anime North Texas.

There is to be a one (1) strike policy in regard to the Anime North Texas artist’s “Rules and

Regulations”. After that one strike, all merchandise in the booth is to be removed from the building immediately at the owner’s expense. Merchandise removed will not be allowed to be transferred to another artist for re-sale. Any artist found to be hosting expelled artists merchandise will be expelled. A limit of one (1) initial warning may be issued at the Artist Manager’s discretion.


  • Artist may promote and sell adult material, provided that:
  • The materials are clearly marked and sealed;
  • They are kept behind the artist’s table and out of the reach and site of minors;
  • The artist check IDs for customers who appear to be under the age of 30;
  • No adult materials are sold to anyone who is a minor;
  • No adult films or videos are exhibited or displayed anywhere.
  • No materials contain images of child exploitation or child pornography or anything that according to local and state regulations are prohibited.


Although we strive to provide a high level of security, Anime North Texas and Hilton Fort Worth are not responsible for damage of loss to property, equipment, or personal vehicles, no matter the cause. We strongly recommend that you provide customers with receipts to avoid disputes.


Trading booth spaces with another artist is not permitted unless handled upon with the Exhibit Hall Manager.


At the convention location, in Fort Worth, the applicable local state sales tax rate is 8.25%. Please submit a copy of your Texas Tax certificate with this contract, even if you have one already on file with us.


If Anime North Texas is held responsible for any misconduct committed by an artist Anime North Texas reserves the right to seek indemnification from that artist, including litigation costs. The exclusive remedy for any disputes arising under this contract is submission to the American Arbitration Association (AAA) for binding arbitration. Texas Law will apply.