V.I.P Information

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Standard Memberships cover all three days, all panels (unless there are additional restrictions, such as age), concerts, performances and a host of other activities. V.I.P. Memberships are limited , and offer exclusive amenities that will not be available through any other means. Below is a list of what you get for being a V.I.P. Member.


Advanced Seating
This allows any V.I.P. in to our Main Events room up to 20 minutes before any event.

Dealers Early Bird
Want to ensure that you’re the first to find that rare item, or just want solidarity in the Dealers Room? Any V.I.P. will be allowed in the Dealer’s Room up to 20 before opening to the public.

Exclusive Poster
Special limited edition poster only available at ANT 2016 to VIP, or purchase onsite.

Official ANT 2016 Shirt
You will receive an official Convention shirt for no additional charge.

Special Autograph Session
Get more one on one time with your favorite guests of ANT 2016.

Tote Bag
Be the cool kid at the anime con with your very own Tote Bag!

Bottomless Cup
All you can drink soft drinks at ANT! You read it right, you will get all the soda you can drink all weekend. Limited to certain times.

Neck Wallet/Badge Holder
With the neck wallet/badge holder you can hold you ID, $$, Pens, your badge, and more!

NOTE: All perks are subject to change at anytime without warning.