Dealers’ Room Policies

Any, and all information stated here is subject to change at anytime  without warning.


All booths are ten feet by ten feet (10′ x 10′), and come with one (1) table. There will be a minimum of sixteen (19) booth spaces offered, and will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis. There is a limit of four (4) booths per dealer. You will need to provide your own table skirting.


This AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”) is entered into on (the “Effective Date”) by ________________, a Texas limited liability company (“Contractor” or “Artist”) and Anime North Texas (“Anime North Texas”).


Standard booth cost $275.00 (the “Fee”), and corner booth $350 (the “Fee”). Each booth includes 3 (three) badges, with up to 2 (two) additional badges may be purchased for $35 each up to 2 months before convention date.


The convention dates are Friday, November 18, 2016 to Sunday, November 20, 2015. Load In date and time will be announced by email, sent by Exhibit Hall Liaison. Each booth must be fully set-up and ready to start their business by , November 14, 2016 at 11:00 am, provided that Anime North Texas has provided sufficient time for such set-up; if a reasonable time has not been provided to Artist or Contractor, Artist or Contractor will not be found in violation of breaching this contract under this provision.


Anime North Texas 2016 November 18-20 will be held at:

Hilton Fort Worth

815 Main Street

Fort Worth, Texas 76102



Our targeted attendance for 2015 is 2000 people. In 2013, we debuted with 1,100 warm bodies, and 2015 had 1500 in house.


The targeted demographic of Anime North Texas is young college students with an even distribution among males and females


Anime North Texas does not accept partial deposits or payments. In order to confirm and reserve a booth space to the Anime North Texas convention, the entire amount is due with the form, completely filled out. Partially completed forms or insufficient payments will be returned to the Dealer.


Vendors must be ready to conduct business and occupy their assigned booths at scheduled hours of operation. These hours will be Friday 12PM to 7PM, Saturday 10AM to 7PM, and Sunday 10AM to 4PM. Failure to be ready to conduct business at the appointed date and time will result in an automatic cancellation and forfeit of their payment and their booth space, subject to “DATE/LOAD IN,” above.


Dealers may cancel within 60 (60) days of the start of event and will receive a full refund minus an administrative fee of ($50.00) and (30) days of the start of the event to receive a full refund minus and administrative fees ($100.00). After October 31, 2015, no refunds will be offered. Anime North Texas reserves the right to cancel and issue a full refund for any reason prior to 30 days of start of events.


Anime North Texas respects the customs laws, intellectual property laws, and treaties of the United States and other countries and international bodies. Goods that are protected by intellectual property laws include books, posters, video tapes, CDs, DVDs, toys, models, trading cards, T-shirts, and labels. Anime North Texas reserves the right to ask any dealer to show an Anime North Texas staff member a bill of sale or import papers on any goods, and reserves the right to search dealers’ merchandise for infringing or illegitimate goods at any time and without advance notice. If any search or any complaint from an industry representative, convention attendee, or other person locates a suspicious good, the dealer must remove the offending merchandise from its table immediately, and must pay a fine to Anime North Texas of up to half (50%) of the total cost of their table(s). Any dealer that persists in selling infringing merchandise after being asked to remove it, will be removed from the Dealers’ Room and the convention without a refund, and may be denied access in the future.


  • Official imported merchandise with the proper Japanese taxation labels in an obvious location on the outside of the package;
  • Items with visible information such as copyright notices, the date of manufacture, place of manufacture, the name of the producing studio; or anti-counterfeit devices such as watermarks or holograms;
  • Any item repackaged will be accepted but must still have legitimate copyright information and taxation stickers; and
  • Goods that are of standard or better quality.


  • Son May (SM) compact discs and minidisks;
  • Ever Anime (EA) compact discs and minidisks;
  • The Korean-based Academy Models line of anime-related kits;
  • Goods that are known to be bootleg items which is any item that is not authorized by the licenser.
  • Goods without legitimate tags or appropriate packaging, or not made by its proper manufacturer.

There is to be a one (1) strike policy in regard to the Anime North Texas Dealer’s “Rules and Regulations”. After that one strike, all goods in the booth are to be removed from the building immediately at the owner’s expense. Goods removed will not be allowed to be transferred to another dealer for re-sale. Any dealer found to hosting an expelled dealers’ merchandise will be expelled. A limit of one (1) initial warning may be issued at the Dealer Manager’s discretion.


Anime North Texas reserves the right to ask any vendor to remove any product that deemed defective, offensive, or has received multiple complaints.


Vendors are not permitted to sell, and/or give away any type of food/beverage products of any kind for the duration of Anime North Texas. This includes, but not limited to; promotional use, blind bags, giveaways, and prizes.


Dealers may promote and sell age restricted material, provided that:

  • The materials are clearly marked and sealed;
  • They are kept behind the dealer’s table and out of the reach and sight of minors;
  • The dealers check IDs for customers who appear to be under the age of 30;
  • No adult materials are sold to anyone who is clearly a minor.
  • No adult films, videos, or promotional items are exhibited or displayed.
  • No materials contain images of child exploitation or child pornography as defined by laws or regulations.


  • Weapons refer to edged, sharp or training swords, knives and any items commonly considered to be weapons by Texas State Law.
  • Weapons sold in the Dealers Room must comply with Anime North Texas’ weapon policy. Copy of our weapons policy can be found on our website and can be provided upon request.
  • Dealers who sell these items must provide a sealed box for attendees and should notify the attendee that the weapon must be removed from the convention floor immediately and can be stored in a ve-hicle or hotel room.
  • We do not allow the selling of any ammunition of any kind. If merchandise includes ammunition the vendor must remove all ammunition before selling the merchandise.
  • We request that all dealers selling items that may be categorized as a weapon inform the attendee to visit the weapons check table for weapon information.
  • Dealers selling weapons must conform to all local, state and federal regulations.
  • Weapons are to be sold only to attendees eighteen (18) years or older.
  • Sales of weapons may be made only after verification of age using a government issued identification card, showing the purchaser is eighteen (18) years or older.
  • Anime North Texas reserves the right to require any dealer caught not following these rules to remove all weapons from stock and possible ejected from room.


Although we strive to provide a high level of security, Anime North Texas and Hilton Fort Worth are not responsible for damage of loss to property, equipment, or personal vehicles, no matter the cause, except for that caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of Anime North Texas, Hilton Fort Worth, or any of those two entities’ agents, employees, assigns, or other persons under their control. We strongly recommend that you provide customers with receipts to avoid disputes.


Dealers do not have authority to transfer or trade their table space with any other entity. Any trades or transfers may be requested to Anime North Texas in writing. Additional fees may apply.


At the convention location, in Fort Worth, Texas, the applicable state and local sales tax rate is 8.25%.Please submit a copy of your Texas Tax certificate with this contract, even if you have one already on file with us.


If Anime North Texas is held responsible for any misconduct committed by a dealer, Anime North Texas reserves the right to seek indemnification from that dealer, including litigation costs. The exclusive remedy for any disputes arising under this contract is submission to the American Arbitration Association (AAA) for binding arbitration. Texas Law will apply, and govern any dispute between the parties.

Each party (each an “Indemnitor”) agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the other party and its affiliates (each, an “Indemnitee”) from and against any and all losses, liabilities, damages, claims, demands, suits and judgments (collectively, “Claims”), including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees arising out of: (i) any Claims arising from the conduct or responsibilities of the Indemnitor and (ii) any breach of this Agreement by the Indemnitor and all costs incurred by the Indemnitee (including but not limited to attorney’s fees) as a result of such breach. This paragraph shall survive termination of this Agreement.


This Agreement is the final and exclusive expression of the agreement between the parties for the subject matter of this Agreement, it being understood there are no oral representations, understandings or agreements covering the same subject matter. This Agreement supersedes, and cannot be contradicted or supplemented by evidence of any prior or contemporaneous discussions, correspondence, or oral or written agreement. No terms of any schedule or exhibit to this Agreement shall supersede the terms of the body of this Agreement, unless otherwise specifically provided for herein, or by the separate written consent of both parties. This Agreement may only be amended by a written amendment, signed by both parties.