Anime North Texas relies heavily on the convention community for it’s volunteer force.  As such, we will be including all the information that convention goers need to apply to volunteer or Staff the event.

What’s the difference between volunteers and staff?  Volunteers are assigned tasks for the weekend of the actual event, whereas staff work beforehand in the planning stages, and must keep in contact with other members of the convention.  The perks are different for the two as well.  For all those interested you can submit a application below.

Volunteer Guidelines

These rules are subject to change at any time without any prior notification.

  1. If it is against the law, it is not permitted.
  2. Good Personal Hygiene is a must. Soap is your Friend!
  3. Volunteering is based on a first come, first serve basis.
  4. All Volunteer Forms must be submitted via our online form.
  5. Please be truthful about your age. You will be asked to present a photo ID on site at check in when you pick up your badge.
  6. Volunteers must be 17 years of Age or older.
  7. Volunteers are expected to volunteer for 12 hours to receive a membership badge over a minimum of 2 days. 18 hours are required for any volunteer wanting/accepted for crash space.
  8. If you are accepted for volunteering, crash space is not guaranteed.
    1. Crash Space is assigned based on space available, with volunteers from outside of the Fort Worth Area receiving precedence.
    2. Additionally, waivers must be signed upon check in for all volunteers(and may include additional clauses if a volunteer is staying in crash space).
    3. If accepted for crash space, no one besides the assigned volunteer is allowed in the room. No illegal substances, or alcohol will be kept in the room for any reason. Crash space is for sleeping, and store your personal belongings.
  9. All volunteers must follow the same rules as the con members. Which includes but is not limited to:
    1. No trading badges.
    2. No skipping lines to Concerts, Dealer’s Room, and other Events.
    3. You will be responsible for any damage to the hotel and/or convention property.
  10. No Volunteer will consume, transport, or carry Alcoholic beverages of any kind while working, in convention areas or crash space, or if under the age of 21.
    1. Volunteers must be sober when reporting for assigned hours
  11. Volunteers are expected to show up on time to their assigned duty locations.
  12. If a volunteer misses a shift or behaves poorly, the Staff Head over the volunteer or any Director, or the Vice Chairman, or the Chairman may revoke the volunteer’s badge and any other benefits the volunteer may be receiving.
  13. The Green Room is for Guest use only. Only on-duty Guest Relations/Green Room volunteers, the Convention Chairmen, Vice-Chairman, Executive Director, Programming Director, and the Guest Relations Department Heads will be allowed admittance.
  14. Anime North Texas provides its Volunteers with a Staff Suite. Volunteers not on duty may go to the Staff Suite to relax, socialize with other volunteers, and eat snacks provided. However, the Staff Suite staff may refuse to serve or allow anyone in for any reason.
  15. Cosplaying. or wearing a costume is not permitted by an on-duty volunteer, unless approved beforehand by the convention Director, Vice Chairman, or Chairman.
  16. Travel costs, and parking fees are the responsibility of the volunteer. Furthermore, transportation to and from the convention is the obligation of the volunteer.
  17. Anime North Texas, it’s staff, and hotel personnel are not responsible for any  misplaced, lost, or stolen personal items.

General Rules

  • People come to a convention to have fun, so we expect everyone to be on their best behaviors and treat attending members with the same courtesy the volunteer would expect for themselves. Kindness begets kindness and rudeness begets rudeness.
  • Please take the time to research the convention and learn the general information of the convention layout, convention times & posted schedule. Expect to be asked a lot of questions by attendees no matter where you’re assigned.
  • When you are scheduled for a shift, show-up 5 minutes early.
  • If you cannot make your shift, or cannot avoid being late, e-mail, call or send a text message to let the department manager know so that we can work around the problem so that everyone is treated fairly.
  • If you are working a shift and the next person does not show up, please let the department manager know while we find a replacement.
  • All volunteer staff must abide by the Convention rules. You are not above the law nor will we allow ‘ego-tripping’. We will take complaints by attendees very seriously if they report on being mistreated. If we are told by attendees that you were ‘rude’ or ‘lazy’, we reserve the right to take pro-active steps to ensure people are treated fairly at the convention. If we receive complaints then you will not be accepted for future conventions.

Make sure you understand and are willing to follow all the rules before volunteering.