A Change in Registration

We would like to thank those who have made their concerns known to the Anime North Texas(ANT) staff. We will be extending Pre-Registration another 24 hours, and at the same time announcing all of the On-Site Registration prices. This will give those who want to see the prices at the door before purchasing a Pre-Registration membership.

reg buttonPre-Registration will now end on Sunday October 20th, 2013 at 11:59PM. After that point we will open “Early Bird Registration” for $35($45 for V.I.P.) until a week before ANT(Friday, Nov. 8th). What is Early Bird Registration?, you might ask. That’s simple, you get the opportunity  to purchase your On-Site Registration early, and get it at a discount.  However, your badge will not be pre-printed, and you will pick up your badge at Pre-Registration.

Now what some have been waiting for, the On-Site Registration prices are the following:

  • $40 Weekend Membership
  • $50 Weekend V.I.P. Membership
  • $30 Weekend Child Membership (ages 8 to 11) (Must be accompanied by badged adult.)
  • FREE Children Membership ages 7 and under (Must be accompanied by badged adult.)
  • $25 Friday Only Membership
  • $30 Saturday Only Membership
  • $20 Sunday Only Membership Only
  • 10% off Military discount (On-site Registration Membership only)

For more information go to our REGISTRATION page.

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