Announcing Christopher Wehkamp!

Announcing Christopher Wehkamp!

Welcome Christopher Wehkamp to Anime North Texas 2017. This is Chris’ first ANT, and we look forward to having him.

Ohhh my gosh! I told ya’ll that there’d be some more announcements and this one’s a doozy! I am absolutely thrilled to announce that fantabulistic Christopher Wehkamp as a guest of Anime North Texas!

You heard me, Christopher Wehkamp is coming to ANT! How cool is it that we’re going to get to chill with Eraserhead himself? Taking a break from fighten crime and teaching the heroes of tomorrow so that he can come all the way down to ANT and chill with us. But that’s not all he’s done. Christopher Wehkamp can also be seen portraying Edgar C. Blanche in Knights and Magic helping to keep the kingdom safe from Demon Beasts and foreign enemies alike. But teaching and saving the world isn’t all he’s got going for him. Christopher can also be seen stretching his vocal talents and toughing it through in the latest greatest ruby anime, All Out!

I know I can’t wait to meet this amazing talent so I’m sure you’re all as stoked as I am. Stay tuned folks, we have plenty of more guest announcements coming very soon!

Christopher Wehkamp first started acting at the age of four when his family moved to the DFW area. Since then he’s been in such roles as My Hero Academia (Shouta ‘Eraserhead’ Aizawa), Attack on Titan Season 2 (Phil), One Piece (Inazuma), Tokyo Ghoul (Tatara), Fairy Tail (Ren), Psycho Pass (Domoto), Chronos Ruler (Kiri), Knight’s & Magic (Edgar), and so much more.

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