Announcing Sarah Wiedenheft and Amber Lee Connors

Hold on to your hats, folks! Anime North Texas is thrilled to announce two absolutely fan-mazing guests to this year’s Anime North Texas.

We are starting with everyone’s favorite dragon maid! That’s right, Sarah Wiedenheft is coming to Anime North Texas. Can it be anymore exciting?!

Sarah has done some amazing roles including the adorably stupendous Tohru. Sarah can also be heard voicing Zeno from Dragon Ball Super, Non from Keijo!!!!!!!!, Kikyo from Classroom of The Elite, and even Kiriha from Tsugumomo. Can you believe that? We’ve got Tohru coming to Anime North Texas this year! I know you’re going to be as amazed as I am!

But we’re not finished there! Anime North Texas is also excited to announce Amber Lee Connors! The voice of Ms. Joke in My Hero Academia! When Amber isn’t joking around with her fellow heroes she can be seen in Keijo as Nozomi, in RWBY as Vernal, and even in Five Nights At Freddy’s World as Toy Chicka.

How amazing is this year’s line-up starting to be?! I know, right? This is only the start so keep an eye out for even more to come!

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