Announcing Zach Aguilar!

Announcing Zach Aguilar!

Welcome Zach Aguilar to Anime North Texas 2017. This is Zach’s first ANT, and we look forward to having him.

Shhh… You’re gonna wanna hear this! I’ve got some exciting news to share. I’ve got the extreme pleasure to be able to announce Zach Aguilar as a guest for this year’s Anime North Texas.

That’s right! The one and only cyborg supreme, Genos, will be taking a break from helping Sensei Saitama to spend the weekend with us! When Zach’s not helping to save the world as Genos he’s supporting the good fight as a member of the Iron Flower Brigade in Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS. But that’s not all there is to Zach. He’s also a dutiful servant to the Martian royal family as Slaine Troyard.

Isn’t it exciting to have a Martian Cyborg Gundam pilot hanging out with us for the weekend? I know I’m thrilled! This may be the first of our guest announcements, but it certainly won’t be the last! Stay tuned to Anime North Texas for coming announcements!

Stay tuned folks, we have plenty of more guest announcements coming very soon! Even as soon as this week, so don’t miss out on who else is coming.

Zach Aguilar caught his first break at the age of 16 when he won an open audition at Anime Expo landing a role as Choppo in Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. Since then Zach has gone on to play numerous roles including Genos in One Punch Man, Slaine Troyard in Aldnoah.Zero, Arthur Pendragon in The Seven Deadly Sins, and more.

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