Five More Guests

We have a Variety of Guests to announce today, from Voice Actors to Cosplayers to Artists. We are excited to welcome Stephanie Nadolny, Cynthia Cranz, Atelier Heidi, Vorpal Props, and Matt Herms! All 5 of these guest will be making their debut with us this year.

Stephanie Nadolny is most known for her voice of Goku and Boy Gohan in the outrageously popular television programs, Dragonball and Dragonball Z as well as Dragonball GT (Cartoon Network).

Cynthia Cranz is best known for her work in anime at Funimation Entertainment and Ochratron 2000. Her most notable roles are: Chi Chi in Dragon Ball Z (beginning in 1999 through current), Boton in Yu Yu Hokusho, Mitch in Case Closed, Paninya in Full Metal Achemist , Bellemere and Onion in One Piece, and Mitzi on Chin Chan.

Atelier Heidi is an award-winning cosplayer and artist based out of Dallas, Texas.

Matt Bonner is a seasoned cosplayer who specializes in armors, props and and looking like Ron Weasley.

Matt Herms has been a professional illustrator since 2004, doing conceptual, promotional and interactive artwork for video games, magazines, conventions, toy companies, and especially comic books.

In addition, we have the unfortunate news that Emily Neves, and Andrew Love will no longer be joining us this year.

To read more about these, and all our guests click HERE.

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