UPDATED 10/22/2015

Back by popular demand, the ANT GIVEAWAY! We will be giving away a XBOX ONE Limited Edition – Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle (Including Syndicate), a Convention Passes Bundle, Anime Bento Subscriptions, Full Size Figures, DVD’s, and MORE!

That’s right, just giving it all away. Through out the weekend, you will be given tickets that will enter you to win. There are many different ways to get tickets, and increase your chances to win. The drawing will take place Sunday, November 22, 2015, during “Closing Ceremonies,” and you have to be in it to win it.

XBOX ONE Limited Edition – Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle (Including Syndicate)

Become the ultimate Master Assassin and join forces with up to three friends on the most advanced multiplayer network. The bundle includes Assassin’s Creed Unity, plus Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, so you can play both on Xbox One. Also will include Assassin’s Creed Syndicate game. $500 Value

Anime Bento Subscriptions

If your fan of anime, toys, and Japanese culture — and so are we! That’s why we created Anime Bento, a subscription delivery service bringing Japan right to your door. Each month you’ll receive Japanese snacks and imported collectibles from your favorite characters or newly released anime. Our service allows fans and collectors of Japanese pop culture to receive the products they love directly on their doorsteps. We’ll handpick the best products each month, from the best anime, and deliver it in a box full of awesome! We do our research into what’s trending in Japan and get it to your hands first, because we’re Otaku just like you.

Convention Pass Bundle(Con Tour)

2 passes to the following convention: IKKiCON, Anime Overload, Glitchcon, San Japan, A-Kon, Retropalooza,  ANT 2016, and more still  to be announced.

Full Size Figures

Full size figures of your favorite anime characters to add(or start) to your collection.

DVD’s and More!

Full collection of different Anime Series DVD Collections, and other incredible prizes will be given away!

How you get Tickets

Reserved Room Per Night = 5 Tickets
For each night you reserve a room at the official convention hotel you will receive 5 additional chances to WIN! Limited to 2 people per room.

Registration = 1 Ticket
Yes, just for attending Anime North Texas, you have an opportunity to win.

V.I.P. Silver= 5 Tickets NEW!
For upgrading to a V.I.P. Membership, you will receive an additional 3 chance to go home with one of you awesome prizes.

V.I.P. Gold= 10 Tickets NEW!
For upgrading to a V.I.P. Membership, you will receive an additional 5 chance to go home with one of you awesome prizes.

$10 spent at the merchandise booth = 1 Ticket
For every $10 you spend at our merchandise booth, you will be given 1 Ticket per transaction.

Participating Dealers = 1 Ticket
Certain vendors in the dealers room will be giving out tickets per transactions. The participants will have signs indicating which vendor you can get them from.

Game Room Tournament = 1 Ticket
Regardless of it being console or card gaming, you get 1 ticket just for entering. You must actually participate to receive a ticket.

Attending Panels = 1 Ticket

  • Any Guest Panel (Not including Autographs)
  • AMV Contest
  • Closing Ceremonies
  • Greggo’s Game Shows
  • Let’s go to Tokyo
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Swap Meet

Ticket are for paid attendance only, which includes: Weekend Registration, Day Passes, VIP Registration, Artists. All rules are subject to change at anytime without warning. Remember, you must be present at the drawing to win, and will not be held for any length of time.

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