Guests Have Arrived

kristen_bio_pic Headshot image IMG_8551 Leraldo-Anzaldua-Headshot

The guests we have lined up for you so far are bursting at the seams with talent.  Our second year will not disappoint as we announce our initial round of guests for Anime North Texas(ANT) 2014.  Joining us this November are some of the industry greats, and have been in part of your favorite anime.

We first would like to welcome back artist/voice actress Kristen McGuire! The Following guests make their #ANT2014 debut, and are comprised of FUNimation/Sentai Film Works voice actors. We are pleased to introduce Clifford Chapin, Emily Neves, Andrew Love, and last but not least Leraldo Anzaldua!

These five individuals are the first of several guests to be announces for #ANT14, and keep an eye out when we reveal the rest as we get closer to the convention date. Read more about these guests by clicking HERE.

Photo Credits: Pete Ortaga Pro Photography 2013

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