Introducing… Genevieve Simmons!

Introducing… Genevieve Simmons!

Welcome Genevieve Simmons to Anime North Texas 2017. This is Genevieve’s first ANT, and we look forward to having her.

We told you they’d keep coming after announcing Zach Aguilar & Christopher Wehkamp and we weren’t kidding! So sit on down and let me tell you a little story about this next guest. She once climbed the tallest mountain… in a dream. She once swam the deepest oceans… in a fantasy. Okay, she probably didn’t do either of those things. But I can tell you what she did do! Our next in the line of amazing guests is none other than Genevieve Simmons!

That’s right, none other than that mysterious girlfriend herself. When Genevieve’s not living the dream eating guac or cream corn, she’s busy being one of the most illustrious “Customer #2” voices in anime history. You might remember her as Kanata in AKB0048 or Masazumi Honda in Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, but she’ll always be this anime fan’s Mikoto Urabe.

I know I can’t wait to meet this amazing talent so I’m sure you’re all as stoked as I am. Stay tuned folks, we have plenty of more guest announcements coming very soon!

Genevieve Simmons is one of America’s breakthrough voice actors having voiced over 33 characters thus far. You can hear her amazing talents in shows roles like Quartz Christie in Bodacious Space Pirates, Mikoto Urabe in Mysterious Girlfriend X, and even Touka in Utawarerumono.  

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