Introducing the Art Show

Introducing the Art Show

Support the artist who love what you do, the Art Show is a great place to discover new art and exciting pieces of art.

Strap yourselves in because we’re about to get this hype train rolling! That’s right, for the first time ever Anime North Texas will be hosting it’s very own ART SHOW! This year’s Art Show will be centrally located near the Dealers Room and the Artist Alley. How exciting!

So what does this mean for Attendees? You’ll be able to look forward to some of the most amazing artwork hand selected from very talented artists. So not only will you get to support some of the best artists around, and you have the chance at snagging some really spectacular artwork, too!

And to all the beloved artists out there in convention land. We would like to extend to you the opportunity to be a part of Anime North Texas’ Art Show. For an introductory rate of a $5 fee per 4’ x 4’ section, plus 10% of sales for the weekend you’ll be able to showcase and auction of your artwork during the convention. This low risk fee structure allows you the opportunity to work with Anime North Texas where you may not have had the chance to before. In addition, artists who do exceptionally well are given the option to purchase a table in the Artist Alley for the following year.

Sounds great, right? Fans get even more chances at some amazing art. Artists get more opportunities than ever before. I’m sure you can all expect great things from Anime North Texas’ first EVER Art Show because I know I am!  

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