More Guests Announced

More Guests Announced

Today we announce not one, two, but THREE guests for Anime North Texas making their  return! These three are masters of the mic, and when you don’t see them at a panel, or an autograph session, you can find them at one for their person tables in the Artist Alley.

First, you know him from Tokyo Ghoul, Toriko, One Piece, and much more. Local to the DFW area and excited to meet each and everyone of you. Welcome back Aaron Roberts! WE are excited to have him once again.

This next voice actor may not be a Saiyan but looks good in purple! It is a pleasure to have Josh Martin grace us with is presence yet again. He may not sing you a song, but come by and he may sign your Dragon Ball Z items. 

Last, but certainly not least is the master of martial arts, Hercule/Mr. Satan himself! Chris Rager is coming to ANT, and we can not wait for you see him! It’s almost an excitement OVERLOAD!

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