Silver VIP is coming back!

Back by popular demand, SILVER VIP will be available for On-Site purchase only on Friday November 20th. In addition, there will only be a limited 20 passes available, and will be first come first serve. You will not be able to reserve ahead of time, and upgrading your current membership will available as well.

Silver VIP will be an additional $25 on top of your weekend membership, and will NOT available for “Single Day”, “2-Day”, or any type of “Child” types. Below are the perks you get when purchasing.

Advanced Seating
This allows any V.I.P. in to our Main Events room up to 20 minutes before any event.

Dealers Early Bird
Want to ensure that you’re the first to find that rare item, or just want solidarity in the Dealers Room? Any V.I.P. will be allowed in the Dealers Room up to 20 before opening to the public.

Exclusive Poster
Special limited edition poster only available at ANT 2014 to VIP, or purchase onsite.

Official ANT 2015 Shirt
You will receive an official Convention shirt for no additional charge.

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