Who’s that? Why it’s Juliet Simmons!

Who’s that? Why it’s Juliet Simmons!

What do you get when you mix a dash of anime, a smidge of Vocaloid, and a smothering of amazing talent? Our next guest, that’s who! It is with great pleasure that I announce to my beloved friends out there in anime land that Juliet Simmons is a guest of Anime North Texas!

When Juliet’s not rocking your socks off with her amazing vocal talents, as can be seen on her YouTube channel, she’s well… Well, she’s still rocking your socks off with her amazing vocal talents because she’s an awesome voice actor, too! You might have heard her as Kurome in Akame ga Kill or as Chiyo Sakra. But she’ll always be my favorite brother supporting sister as Shizuku Kurogane in Chivalry of a Failed Knight!

Don’t fret folks, this won’t be the last of our announcements. We’ve got plenty more to come so keep tuned to this channel!

Juliet Simmons has been in as many as 60 different shows in the short span of just five year. Juliet has appeared in shows such as Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma as Mayume Kurase, Akame ga Kill as Kurome, Tamako Market as Midori Tokiwa, and Watamote as Megumi Imae and Kii. Juliet also enjoys spending her time singing and posting videos on YouTube as JubyPhonic bringing English covers of Vocaloid songs to the world.

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