Why should I run a panel?

Anime conventions often have panels and Anime North Texas is no different. A panel is an open ended discussion involving some pre-determined topic. Topic scope varies from panel to panel, from leather working for cosplay to the history of the Power Rangers franchise. They are a huge part of what attendees can do at anime conventions and you may have wondered why people who run panels do so. If you’re on the fence about running your own panel, look no further! Here are some reasons why you should consider running your own panel at Anime North Texas.

Share your passion

Whether you’re a huge Attack on Titan nerd, an expert cosplayer, or an aficionado about Studio Ghibli animation, panels are your opportunity to share what you know to people who are interested in what you have to say. Not everyone knows all the anime Gen Urobuchi (Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero) has written nor the themes he often writes about. Or perhaps you are an expert cosplayer in armor building who wants to the world to know that worbla is not the end-all to armor building. Hosting a panel is your opportunity to share information and meet others who share the same interests as yourself.

Face your fear

When you ask people what they’re most afraid of, it isn’t spiders, heights, darkness, or even death. It’s public speaking. More than often, if we can avoid it, we won’t do it – especially if it involves one of our passions. Running a panel is a way to face that fear.

Remember in school when you’re assigned to do a presentation for class? Running a panel isn’t as bad as that for several reasons. For one, you’ll be presenting information that you’re passionate about. It’s easier to talk about the things you care about. Another reason is that panels are events where ideas can be exchanged between yourself and others at the panels. You’ll be surrounded by people who’ll challenge you to think more and consider different angles. Perhaps you’ve never considered that Jinx was designed with adding diversity in female bodies in League of Legends or that Naruto’s son, Boruto, has a silly name because his name is “bolt” pronounced in Japanese.

Here’s a secret. Every panelist, at some level, still has anxiety about hosting a panel, but that passion, when refined and focused, can be a great asset in the sharing of information and knowledge.

Be part of the “fan” convention

You may be surprised when I tell you that the essential part of fandom conventions isn’t the guests or the dealer’s room. It’s the fans. It truly is.

When a convention is “fan run,” you can tell because the people controlling every aspect you see at conventions are fans. This includes the panelists. Panelists who have interesting things to say contribute a lot to what attendees do at conventions. Without panelists, conventions would get redundant fast. So what does that mean?

It means we want YOU to be a part of our convention in a bigger way. Whether you run a game show, want to share your expertise, or want to have a discussion, consider running a panel at Anime North Texas and submit your panel now! Click HERE to submit your panel.

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