Why Book a Hotel Room

There are many perks to staying with us at the “Radisson Hotel Fort Worth North – Fossil Creek”, and just in case you still need convincing we have come up with a list of reasons why you should stay at the convention hotel.

  1. We have a low rate of $99 a night so you can still have some spending cash for the dealers, and artists.
  2. Who wants to go home? After a full day of fun instead of driving all the way home just drive back the next day you can stay with us, and get the rest you need.
  3. Enjoy our late night events without the concern of driving home tired.
  4. A Place to store, and secure you stuff. No longer will you have to carry everything with you, or risk losing anything if you had your own room to put it in.
  5. Parents have a place to rest while relaxing in one of the “Radisson Hotel Fort Worth North – Fossil Creek” comfortable rooms.
  6. It help’s the convention! Did you know that every night you book a room helps the convention prove to the hotel that the event should come back the following year. As well as proving to other hotels that we should be there.
  7. Have a private place to spend more time with friends new, and old.
  8. A place to shower…
  9. Sleep in, without worrying about getting back on time knowing the event is only moments for your door.
  10. Getting a hotel room is just plain exciting!

Photo Credits: Pete Ortaga Pro Photography 2013

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