Win a PlayStation 4!!

PS4 2We are giving away a PlayStation 4! That’s right, just giving it away. Through out the weekend, you will be given tickets that will enter you to win. There are many different ways to get tickets, and increase your chances to win the PS4. The drawing will take place Sunday, November 17, 2013, during “Closing Ceremonies,” and you have to be in it to win it.

How you get Tickets

Registration = 1 Ticket
Yes, just for attending Anime North Texas, you have an opportunity to win.

V.I.P. = 3 Tickets
For upgrading to a V.I.P. Membership, you will receive an additional 3 chance to go home with the PS4.

$10 spent at the merchandise booth = 1 Ticket
For every $10 you spend at our merchandise booth, you will be given 1 Ticket per transaction.

Participating Dealers = 1 Ticket
Certain vendors in the dealers room will be giving out tickets per transactions. The participants will have signs indicating which vendor you can get them from.

Game Room Tournament = 1 Ticket
Regardless of it being console or card gaming, you get 1 ticket just for entering. You must actually participate to receive a ticket.

Attending Panels = 1 Ticket
That’s right, no purchase necessary for this one, folks. Below are is a list of panels you can attend to receive a ticket. You must be present at the beginning, and sit through until the end of the panel, to earn your ticket. Tickets will be distributed immediately after.

Friday Panels: Convention Etiquette, Staffing at a Convention, Drawing Manga, Opening Ceremonies, Mike McFarland Solo, Cosplay 101, Ask Jerry Anything, Cosplay Horror Stories (18+)

Saturday Panels: Ask Scott N’ Jerry, FUNimation Industry Panel, FUNimation Preveiws, Caitlin Glass Solo, So You Wanna go to Tokyo, Cosplay 102, Cosplay Presentation, Let Me Out Movie Pre-Release Screening, Convention Horror Stories (18 +)

Sunday Panels: How to Get into Voice Acting, Running a Convention, Origami, Intermediate Sewing for Cosplay, Swap Meet, Convention Feedback. The Magical Journey of Self Publishing, Closing Ceremonies

Ticket are for paid attendance only, which includes: Weekend Registration, Day Passes, VIP Registration, Artists. All rules are subject to change at anytime without warning. Remember, you must be at the drawing to win, and the PS4 will not be held for any length of time. 

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